Common Sikh Baby Names

  • Most Sikh names are derived from the Guru Granth Sahib.
  • In most cases, the name describes God's attributes.
  • Many Sikh names are interchangeable, and can be used for both boys and girls.

Name Meaning
Aakash The sky
Anand Joy or bliss
Aashish Blessing
Aatma Soul, light of the lord
Abhaidev Free of fear
Abhaijeet Victory over fear
Achal Constant, immovable
Amrit Nector
Amrita Deathless
Anant Endless
Andeep Modest lamp
Anjeela Homage
Arjan or Arjun White, clear or pure
Arpan Offering
Atama Self, soul
Attar Perfume
Avani Earth
Avneet Modest
Avtar Incarnation of God
Bachan Promise
Bahadur Brave
Baljiwan Life with strength
Beant Endless, boundless
Bhagwan God
Bhavanjot Soothing light
Balwinder Powerful king
Chanan Light of god's feet
Chanchal Lively, playful
Charan God's feet
Chaten Conscious
Chiranjiv Immortal
Daan Wise and prudent
Dalbir Brave Soldier
Dalip King
Daman One who controls
Dara Lord, God
Darshan Vision
Daulat Wealth
Dayal Kind and merciful
Dhaya Kindness, compassion
Dheeraj Patient and contented
Dilraaj Hearty Kingdom
Eashar Godly person
Ekant Solitude, peaceful
Fateh Victory
Fauja Army general
Gagan Sky
Gaurav Pride of Glory
Gian Knowledge
Gopal Lord, protector
Gulwant Beautiful like flowers
Gunwant Full of virtues
Hanspal Protector of great soul
Harbir Warrier of God
Harjap One who meditates upon God
Harkiran Rays of God's light
Himmat Courage, making an effort
Ikbal Gloty, destiny
Ikroop Oneness with God
Inderbir Lord of bravery
Iqbal Glory, destiny
Isha Godess
Ishwar God
Jagan World, awake
Jagroop Embodiment of the World
Jai Victory
Jaipal Protector of victors
Jeevan Life
Jodh Brave
Jyoti Flame
Kamal Lotus
Kavi Poet
Kiran Ray of sunshine
Kirpal Kind
Kulvir Brave of the family
Lakhbir Brave as a hundred thousand
Livtar Adoration
Loveen Absorbed in adoration
Mahaan Great person
Mahesh Lord Shiva
Mahinder Glory of God
Manoj Born of mind
Meeta Friend
Mina Enamel work
Mohan Attractive or handsome
Namrita Modest, humble
Narinder King
Navinder Brave Lord
Navleen New engrossed
Nirmal Pure, holy, clear
Nisha Night
Onkar Lord's name
Opinder Proximity to God
Pankaj Lotus
Param Supreme Being
Parveen Expert, star
Pavan Sacred, pure
Prabhjot Light of God
Preet Love
Pritpal Pledge keeper
Puneet Pure
Raj Kingdom, monarch
Rajbir Brave king
Ramanjit Victory of beloved
Rasbir Elixir of courage
Raveena Beauty of the Sun
Ravinder Lord Sun
Rupak Sign, feature
Rupinder Lord of beauty
Sagar Ocean, sea
Sahib The master
Samarbir Brave in war
Sangita Musical
Sanjit Happy victory
Sarbjeet All victorious
Saroj Lotus flower
Shaan Dignified
Simran Meditation, rememberance
Surjeet Immortal, Godly person
Taran Freedom from bondage
Tejpal Protector of splender
Tilak Ornimental mark
Tirath Sacred place
Veer Brave person
Vimal Pure
Vishram Eternal rest
Yashbir Glorious brave
Yashpaal One who protects
Yashveer Blorious brave
Yuvraj Crown prince
Zorawar Mighty brave